There is no shortage of options for dance and related activities to suit every age and skill level...

  • Preschoolers class: 3-5year olds. They do a mixture of jazz and ballet, learning the basics of dance while having a bit of fun
  • Beginners: 6-8 year olds
  • Juniors: 9-11 years olds
  • Intermediates: 12-14 year olds
  • Teenagers: 14 and over
  • Seniors: experienced dancers only

Jazz/funk/Hip Hop: Beginners - Seniors

Tap: Beginners - Seniors

Modern/lyrical and contemporary: Beginners - Seniors

Ballet: Beginners - Seniors. Specialised RAD exam classes or open ballet technique classes

Technique class: Juniors - Seniors. A class to drill technique, performance skills and flexibility

Drama: Juniors - Seniors. Stage work, acting in front of a camera, script work, improvisation and games

Performance classes: Juniors - Seniors. These classes are for the more serious students. Perform all over the central coast and sometime beyond. Involves eisteddfod and competition work

Eisteddfod class: Teenagers - Seniors.  A class dedicated to dances just for eisteddfod's

Adult classes: We have adult classes for tap and jazz



Not sure what to do?  Just send us an e-mail stating your (or your child's) age and skill level.  We can help create a programe for you as intense or easy as you want.